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Bruins 2017-18 Travel Details

How many miles will they travel in 2017-18?

Boston Bruins v New York Islanders Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

SB Nation’s Annual Super Schedule has been posted for each NHL team’s 17-18 season, courtesy of On The Forecheck. Let’s take a look at the Bruins details.

Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images

Of note, the Boston Bruins fall right around league average in miles traveled, with 39,115 (19th). They also fall right around league average in back to back games played at 14 (15th). Compared to the previous season, miles are down 1,980 while back to backs remain flat at 14. Both mileage and back to back games are up from the 2015-16 season which had 38,236 and 11 back to back games, respectively.

A stick tap to Micah Blake McCurdy a.k.a. @IneffectiveMath for the below breakdowns:

Micah Blake McCurdy
Micah Blake McCurdy


  • The Jets and Canucks have by far the least B2B games at 9 and 10, respectively.
  • The Penguins have the least mileage (34,041) but have 19 B2B games.
  • Western teams, as is the norm lead with the heaviest mileage by a wide margin (COL, CAL, CHI, ARI & EDM)

Now if only the schedule makers could not schedule 3 of 4 Montreal games within a week...