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Build your best Bruins team for $18

We’re totally borrowing Chicago’s idea.

NHL: Winter Classic-Alumni Game Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Our Chicago friends at Second City Hockey had a great post on Thursday: build the best “dream team” you can for $18.

(Check out the SCH post here.)

The idea behind the post is to take a group of 30 all-time franchise greats, assign a dollar value of $1 to $5 for each, and then build the best team you can for a total of $18 or less.

The guys at SCH are going to run their teams in a simulation against this year’s Pittsburgh Penguins in a WhatIf Sports simulation; if we get enough interest, we can run some combos against the 2011 Bruins Stanley Cup team or even against whichever teams SCH chooses as their best.

For fun, we kept current Bruins (i.e. Zdeno Chara and Patrice Bergeron) out of this.

So take the players from the list below, build your all-time Bruins team in the comments section, and give us an explanation as to why you made your choices.

Hey, it’s the offseason. We have to fill the time somehow, right?

Choose a goalie

Player Cost
Player Cost
Gerry Cheevers $5
Tim Thomas $4
Frank Brimsek $3
Tiny Thompson $2
Eddie Johnston $1

Choose two defensemen

Player Cost
Player Cost
Bobby Orr $5
Eddie Shore $4
Ray Bourque $3
Brad Park $2
Gord Kluzak $1

Choose a left wing

Player Cost
Player Cost
John Bucyk $5
Wayne Cashman $4
Woody Dumart $3
Stan Jonathan $2
Sergei Samsonov $1

Choose a center

Player Cost
Player Cost
Phil Esposito $5
Barry Pederson $4
Adam Oates $3
Peter McNab $2
Joe Thornton $1

Choose a right wing

Player Cost
Player Cost
Rick Middleton $5
Cam Neely $4
Ken Hodge $3
Terry O'Reilly $2
Glen Murray $1