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Fresh Links: Help Wanted-Mascot, Fitness FAIL at NHL Combine

Yeah, those pull-ups are directly correlated with NHL success...

Jim Carey
As for the jersey re-design, TEAM POOH4EVAH (Jim Carey)

In Bruins news you can use:

  • Will it be Pooh? Maybe Comic Sans font lettering? June 20th will be when we see the new Adidas jerseys. WEEI
  • On draft day, will it serve the Bruins better to pick or trade? Two youngsters are reportedly on the Bruins’ radar, and several veterans might also fill the bill- at a cost. Bruins Daily
  • Suspiciously frenetic Charlie Moore hosts Bruins Academy, and visits with birthday boy Terry O’Reilly, Brad Marchand, Torey Krug (who demonstrates a VERY unusual talent,) Noel Acciari, and Jake DeBrusk. (S2, E6 Video, 20:44) Bruins NHL Non-Sequitur- Moore has a terrific backstory. Boston Magazine
  • By the way, happy birthday to O’Reilly , @NHLBruins along with Cam Neely @NHLBruins and Matt Beleskey. @bhavikp27
  • Looking back at the PBruins goaltending, Zane McIntyre stole a lot of games, and (later) Malcolm Subban was able to step up when it mattered. Providence Bruins
  • Help Wanted. Be Blades, the Bruins mascot. Height constraints are in play due to the costume and previous experience is necessary. Hockey Jobs NHL
  • Have a look at some 1958 era Bruins snapshots from a fan’s collection. @emptynetting

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • Sign him up! In an occurrence that should sound familiar, top prospect Casey Middlestadt couldn’t complete a single pull-up at the NHL Combine. Inforum
  • Here are some dos and don’ts for the Golden Knights, including some learned from Boston- one features Mike Milbury engaging with fans. Pension Plan Puppets
  • What do you expect, anyway? Boston has been named the fifth most unfriendly city in the US. WEEI But cheer up! Boston is #2- the second best hockey city, that is, not THAT #2. WalletHub
  • The Derek Boogard wrongful death suit has been dismissed, but the federal judge had a final word or two for the NHL.
  • Dear Fourteen-year-old Me... Mike Bossy advises his younger self to be very nice to that pretty girl at the Laval rink snack bar. Players Tribune
  • Every year the NHL must start well in advance to prepare the Stanley Cup, as it takes forever to defrost. NO, REALLY! The Onion