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Top 25 Under 25: Honorable Mentions

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Not every Bruin under the age of 25 made the cut, but that doesn’t mean we can’t showcase them!

Columbus Blue Jackets v Boston Bruins Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Welcome to the Top 25 Under 25! A retrospective of the year for these prospects under 25 in the Boston Bruins system! And of course we’d like to thank the over 120+ who responded to our public poll! We couldn’t have a complete list without you!

Of course, there are more players in the system who are under the age of 25, but a lot of them aren’t gonna make the cut. Here are the ones currently in or out of the system that also received votes!

Top 25-Under 25 Honorable Mentions

Player name Average Ranking Final Ranking Public Ranking
Player name Average Ranking Final Ranking Public Ranking
Emil Johansson 25.67 26 29
Dan Vladar 25.83 27 25
Linus Arnesson 26.5 28 27
Colby Cave 28.83 29 26

Honorable Mention #1: Emil Johansson


Position: Defensemen

2016-17 Point total: 17 points in 49 games for Djurgårdens IF, 1 in 6 games for the P-Bruins

2017 Team: Providence Bruins

Summary: Having a positive, if somewhat nondescript season definitely describes Johansson and his game, the 7th rounder has been making strides in staying in the black for points and had his best season in SHL play with Djurgardens. He received high praise from his coach, calling him a “little Rolle Stoltz” (the name goes to his EliteProspects page if you’re confused as to who that might be)

He played inconsequential minutes with the P-Bruins during their calder cup run as well as the last few games of their season, being...alright, I guess. He didn’t light up the world nor did he necessarily have time. Time will tell how he does in a full season, so I have hope for the guy!

Honorable Mention #2: Dan Vladar

Providence Journal

Position: Goaltender

2016-17 Save-%: .887% with the Gladiators in 18 starts, .921% with the Providence Bruins in 8 starts.

2017 Team: Atlanta Gladiators (ECHL)


Vladar had an unlucky season, only staring 18 games in the ECHL after an actually pretty promising and brief stint with the AHL Bruins, posting a fairly decent SV% for his short time there. As he is only 19, one can only hope that the Gladiators put together a half-decent squad and he can find a way to get back on top and contend for a job in the AHL. As for right now, he’s a Gladiator.

Honorable Mention #3: Linus Arnesson

Team Shred @ Circling The Wagon

Position: Defenseman

2016-17 Point Totals: 1 point in 20 games

2017 Team: Örebro HK (SHL)

Summary: Another unlucky season, Arnesson’s decidedly unflashy style didn’t necessarily set him back, but it sure didn’t help when injuries shortened his season. He did have a good camp and did receive a qualifying offer from Don Sweeney, but Arnesson has decided to return to Sweden to hopefully reverse his fortunes at home. It’s unlikely he ever plays for a Boston affiliated team again, but if he does I’m sure they’ll be happy to see him again.

Honorable Mention #4: Colby Cave

Position: Center/Winger

2016-17 Point Total: 35 points in 76 games for Providence

2017 Team: Providence Bruins

Summary: Cave didn’t do all that bad for an alternate captain in the AHL, having a pretty decent point total and spreading it out over assists more than goals, a far cry from his ludicrously prolific WHL days where it seemed like all he did was score goals. That said, his production kind of dried up in the postseason, where he only had 6 points in the P-Bruins race to the Calder. Cave will in all likelihood be returning to Providence to shore up their middle six, and given that they’ve given him a captaincy, it’s clear they’ll be glad to have him.

Join us next time for Number 25 and we can kick this thing off properly!