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Inaugural SCOC Mailbag

Ask us the questions you are dying to have answered!


July isn’t exactly peak hockey season and Bruins fans have officially hit the dog days of the hockey off season. With very little to report on and no major roster moves to discuss, the staff here figured now was as good a time as any for a reader mailbag.

The mailbag will be open through Wednesday with responses likely coming on Friday. The questions can be Bruins related, NHL/hockey related or even about us SCOC writers/editors. Please submit questions via Facebook comments, Twitter comments or on the comments section of this article. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Question examples:

  1. Who is your favorite player ever, Bruins or not?
  2. Will the Bruins ever sign hockey demi-god David Pastrnak?
  3. What hockey resources do you use for your writing?
  4. Seriously though, what about that Pasta signing?!