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Fresh Links: Ryan Spooner Needs GRIT, A Harvard Legacy

And sticktaps to one VERY experienced rec league player

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Bruins v Maple Leafs
Like father, like sons? (Ted Donato)
Photo By Dave Sandford/Getty Images

In Bruins news you can use:

  • One down, and one to go. Now that Ryan Spooner has re-signed, all eyes return to David Pastrnak. Sports Illustrated
  • The Bruins can be happy with the Spooner deal- here’s why. WEEI
  • The one key ingredient to his game that Spooner is lacking is the one that can’t be taught. South Coast Today
  • Expectations are that Spooner will be “an impactful player” and he knows what he must do. The Score
  • There will be some free agents that would suit the Bruins as deadline approaches. Here are a few notables, and why they deserve consideration. James Neal (of the ill fated #AskNeal debacle Sports Illustrated and not a friend of Brad Marchand Sportsnet) is one, and Chad Johnson’s name just keeps coming up. The Hockey Writers
  • Ryan Donato has two good reasons to remain at Harvard this year, but is set on becoming a Bruin- when he’s ready. NHL
  • Hal Gill was photographed riding a dragon. NO, REALLY! skillsy75
  • Lend your offseason ears to the Bearly On Topic gang who are mucking through the summer just as we are. (Audio, 56:56) Soundcloud

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • Revisit seven NHL storylines that are on ice over the summer. Sportsnet
  • Meet Mark Sertich of Duluth, MN, who at age 95 is still out on the ice playing hockey. (Video, 4:09) Vimeo