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Coach David Pastrnak is the best thing you will see all week

There may not be a happier person on Earth than Yung Dave.

Dallas Stars v Boston Bruins Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

As you know, the Bruins have some players and staff in China right now for a clinic with young Chinese players.

One of the Bruins over there is David Pastrnak, who was mic’d up for a session today.

The video is a mixture of hilarious, adorable, fascinating and Pastrnak.

Just watch it:

There are so many things to discuss here:

  • Pastrnak laughing when a kid tries to imitate him and falls
  • Pastrnak telling a kid to sit on his stick, only to watch the kid fall
  • Pastrnak hiding in the net and claiming credit for a tip-in goal

Really though, Pastrnak truly is a delightful dude. He has a genuine love for the game, a passion that really shows when he’s working with these kids.

Now sign him, Don.