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Pesky Jesse Gabrielle will be making his case at #20

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A gritty little pest whose modeled his game on Brad Marchand. What’s not to love?

Prince George Cougars v Vancouver Giants Photo by Ben Nelms/Getty Images

Bruins Top 25 Under 25

#20 - Jesse Gabrielle - F

Where did he come from?: 2015 Draft, 4th round, 105th overall

Has he played in the NHL?: No

If you’re ever worried that the Bruins might, in the distant future, lose Brad Marchand, it’s clear Jesse Gabrielle is trying his damnedest to be the second coming: Being a scoring threat for the Prince George Cougars out in the WHL, and also one of their most penalized players, a consequence no doubt of being a player so eager to get into the opponent’s head. Even the pesky Gabrielle’s fans can be pests, as we’ve learned all too well.

Where his value has been exploding however, is in that he’s getting in the head of goaltenders more often than he’s getting in the head of just the defense or just the forecheck since settling as a member of the Cougars, having his best seasons offensively last year and second best this year. Gabrielle’s speed, shot, anticipation, and positioning have apparently markedly improved from his last two teams, and he’s even gone so far as to start winning awards from it! (The Dorothy Johnson Memorial trophy, which is PG’s Fan Choice award. A Champion of the people, this guy.)

A great example of this came in december of last year, scoring a hat trick and practically taking over the Cougars well as it’s penalty box. (A link because the Cougars/WHL sure didn’t make it easy to put on this page, no sir.)

Because if there’s one thing Jesse Gabrielle loves to do more than skate and score, it’s draw aggro and get into scraps, and he’ll be more than happy to jump to the plate for his team or to just drag another player off the ice with him:

I have a feeling letting him loose in the AHL where the rules on fighting are a little looser and egos are a little higher will be like a kid in a candy store for him.

What does the future look like for Gabrielle?:

Ladies and Gentlemen, your leading PIM leader for your 2017 Providence Bruins™!!!

I kid, but Gabrielle will be entering the pro system on an ELC, so there’s plenty of time for the guy to prove his point and get into the heads of coaches/players. If there’s one thing he’ll definitely be, it’s a well welcomed addition to a left wing depth that’s been looking fairly thin lately.