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Matt Grzelcyk’s assist-making skills make a valuable future asset for #19

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The Former BU Captain was an invaluable wealth-spreader in Providence. Could he find himself called upon to be a Boston Bruin soon?

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Bruins Top 25 Under 25

#19 - Matt Grzelcyk - D

Where Did He Come From?: 2012 draft, 3rd round, 85th overall

Has He Played in the NHL?: Yes! Two games

It feels like Matt Grzelcyk has been in the system for much much longer than he’s actually been.

In fairness, the Charlestown native has been an easy commodity to track since taking to the BU Terriers as their captain for a pair of years, then jumping to the Providence Bruins full time to bring 32 points crashing down on their opponents. And while being an offensive guy with a pretty slick shot and a lack of fear of players larger than himself helps his case quite a bit from the eye-test perspective, what’s made him so interesting is that on the Baby B’s, only one other player had more primary assists (in other words, assists he had a direct hand in creating, which is good), and among the P-Bruins regulars, only one other player could say they had a higher Primary Assists Per game than Matt Grzelcyk, and that was a career AHLer whose edging towards 30. Grzelcyk is 23, and hasn’t missed a step since leaving the Terriers.

In NHL play? He has...done almost nothing. Played twice in preseason and then...nothing, hasn’t seen much since, which is, in my opinion? Kind of unfair. Given the need in the playoffs...was Tommy Cross really the best option? I mean...really?

What does the future hold for Grzelcyk?:

Grzalphabet is in a real pickle. He certainly had a good showing at the AHL level in his first season, but he’s a left shot defender on a team that’s currently fielding:

  • Torey Krug
  • Zdeno Chara
  • Charlie McAvoy (not a left shot, but probably will end up on that side because Carlo should stay with Chara)
  • Paul Postma (assuming he makes the team, of course)

Yeah, not going to be looking great for him making the team for the time being, barring a catastrophic injury to a number of players. He will likely be a Providence mainstay for the forseeable future, but turnover in the NHL can be fun and weird. His trajectory could see him as a quality #3-#4 in the not-too-distant future. If he can improve on his strong performance this year, he’ll likely find himself in the NHL sooner than later.