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Zach Senyshyn’s quietly dissuading doubt at #11

There’s a lot of scrutiny about this young man, he knows it, and he’s out to set the record straight.

Ottawa Citizen

Top 25 Under 25:

#11 - Zach Senyshyn - F

Where Did He Come From?: 2015 draft, 1st round, 15th overall

Has he played in the NHL?: No

Zach Senyshyn was a real headscratcher when he first came to the Bruins, an out of nowhere bottom six player on a stacked Sault Ste. Marie team, inspiring an oft-repeated tweet that shall hence go unnamed describing who they could’ve gotten instead of him.

Since then, Senyshyn has been quietly putting up productive seasons in the OHL, with back to back 65 point seasons, being 2nd on the team in scoring this year, and bringing a competitive, creative and opportunistic attitude to every shift, which gave him the capacity to completely overtake a shift if he so desired. And he could do this with such frequency and ease that he could end up taking over whole games if he needed to:

Special care should be given to looking at the OT goal in this video, encapsulating everything he excelled at over this last year: smooth skating, good shot, and an ability to out-muscle and explode off of a play if he felt he had an opening.

He finished his time in The Soo on a pretty high note, then went to the Providence Bruins where...he didn’t really play all that much as they were hip deep in a playoff run and pretty confident in who was playing. So this young forward’s main run in the pros will find him taking to the P-Bruins full-time next season.

What Does The Future look like for Senyshyn?:

A year or two playing in the Ocean State will do Zach a world of good. Both to build excitement around him where doubt previously existed, and to get him acclimated to the pro level game pace.

If you’re not into narrative based reasons why he’d spend time in Providence as opposed to railroading him to the main roster, here’s this: he plays Right Wing, a position that currently has six players gunning for the position of 3rd line RWer, and some of them are coming off of quality years in the AHL and NCAA. Him making the team out of camp with such stiff competition would require a herculean effort on his part. Certainly doable, but extremely unlikely.

If nothing else, we should definitely be glad that this “off the board” pick is looking like a pretty pleasant surprise for the time being. I for one, wish him well as part of the P-Bruins.