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Danton Heinen’s run in Providence has boosted his stock up to #7

Heinen led the P-Bruins in postseason scoring. Can that translate into long-term NHL success?

Boston Bruins v Toronto Maple Leafs

Top 25 Under 25

#7 - Danton Heinen - F

Where did he come from?: 2014 Draft, 4th round, 116th overall

Has he played in the NHL?: Yes! 8 games

Danton Heinen loves numbers in the 40’s.

He wears the number 43 in Boston, every year in his career he’s played more than 40 games he’s put up somewhere near 40 points...He has a thing for it, is what I’m saying.

His two seasons at Denver had him racking up 40+ point seasons, his time in the main system came with a lucky streak of strong preseason performance, as it saw him show up to play for about 8 games or so super early on, couldn’t find a place for himself, and then back to providence where, you guessed it, a 46 point season awaited him. His consistency is sure to be an important factor come next preseason.

Of course, it helps if you sweeten the deal with a good playoff performance, if you can have one. And Danton Heinen decided this year was a great one to show off.

The first and second rounds of the Providence Bruins 2017 Calder Cup run were largely carried by the work Jake DeBrusk and Heinen did at getting after the puck. Heinen would assist DeBrusk, DeBrusk would assist Heinen, Heinen and DeBrusk would also penalty kill and get short-handed bids...which led to goal scoring in the WBS series. He played so well that he led the team in postseason scoring and, for a time anyway, led the AHL in postseason scoring.

So yeah, he’s coming off a good year for the team to consider come september.

What does the future look like for Heinen?:

Rinse and Repeat: Too many forwards trying to crack the team, not enough spots to do it. Especially for Heinen being a Center, where he was used almost exclusively in Providence, and didn’t find too much success out on the wings while in boston (not that anyone did in that early stretch). He will absolutely attempt for next year to be his big jump, but for right now he should see how a Providence that looks to be stacked with offensive talent this upcoming season compliments him, and will have to wait for Ryan Spooner to hit Free Agency to get an honest look at making the Black and Gold full time. Otherwise, he’ll be waiting to play in relief efforts for the time being.

In the meantime, I’m sure he’ll have fun going another 40+ point season.