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Fresh Links: Six By Six For Crazy Eights? Farewell, Dave Goucher

A Nova Scotia restaurant hits Bruins fans with a surcharge

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NHL: Boston Bruins at Buffalo Sabres
What’s holding him back from signing? (David Pastrnak)
Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

In Bruins news you can use:

  • It was a Very Peter Chiarelli deal for Leon Draisaitl, and now David Pastrnak and his camp have ammunition to push for north of the offered $6m per year. CBS Boston
  • His linemates might even raise an eyebrow at the size of the deal, and they may be right- Chiarelli has overpaid Draisaitl. Did we expect anything else? Boston Herald
  • Thank goodness Jeremy Jacobs has stepped in to reassure us all that they want to keep Pasta for a good, long time. Watch out, David, they’re probably registering the trademark on your name. WEEI
  • In other good news, ESPN (who?) counts Charlie McAvoy among the top five NHL prospects. MassLive
  • Rested and ready, Tuukka Rask is now three months post surgery, and his training is on target. NHL
  • Patrice Bergeron credits changes made by Bruce Cassidy for amping up the Bruins offense. (With video) NESN
  • Dave Goucher is taking this chance to get in on the ground floor with the new Las Vegas Golden Knights- bonne chance! He will be joining former Bruin Shane Hnidy as well as former Bruins PR man Eric Tosi in Sin City. Sentinel Remember some of our favorite calls, including “Get the duck boats ready!” (Video, 3:44) YouTube
  • Somewhere in Nova Scotia, Bruins fans were charged an extra $5CDN penalty on their meal tabs. Brad Marchand is why. Imgur, via Reddit

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • Take a look at which NHLers go to the net to achieve scoring success and which snipe from farther away. TSN
  • Are some players born to top out at the AHL level, while others rise to the NHL? Don’t be so sure! The Athletic
  • NHL team themed merchandise was sold on Metallica’s “WorldWired” tour. Have a look! BarDown
  • Won’t some NHL team swipe right? Someone has put former Bruin Jaromir Jagr on Tinder, hoping to spark a match. BarDown
  • Jay Baruchel spoke with Jimmy Kimmel about his new Goon movie, and offered his take on the greatest enforcer in the NHL (aside form one guy named “The Mangler,” who talked his way into the movie.) (Video, 4:04) YouTube
  • J.D. Power lauds the NHL along with MLS as the winning pro leagues in offering the finest fan experience. Guess which big league tanked? JDPower
  • If you cover your ears with your hands, the Las Vegas Golden Knights don’t exist, right? Will someone spank some sense into childish CBS Radio in Sin City? Awful Announcing