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Sean Kuraly’s on the rise at #16

Boston playoff hero, Providence stalwart...but can he find a way onto the main roster full time?

Boston Bruins v Ottawa Senators - Game Five Photo by Jana Chytilova/Freestyle Photography/Getty Images

Bruins Top 25 Under 25

#16 - Sean Kuraly - F

Where did he come from?: 2011 draft, 5th Round, 133rd overall

Has he played in the NHL?: yes, 8 regular season games, 4 playoff games

By now most people will remember Sean Kuraly for a heroic Game 5 in the 2016-17 playoffs:

This will likely help his stock next year as to how he handles the fact that he’s currently sitting in an interesting place as a prospect.

Having had a perfectly solid season in the middle six for Providence and briefly playing in relief of any number of players for the big club, Kuraly’s big pickup was very much that heroic effort in the playoffs, showing an abridged version of how he succeeded in Providence, willing to get right to the goaltender, a solid shot, even more solid positioning, aggressive forecheck, and a refusal to quit on plays.

Indeed, he found himself quite an interesting prospect for the upcoming season, which brings us to the more interesting part of this for Mr. Kuraly...

What does the future hold for Kuraly?

Kuraly is like many forwards in Boston’s system right now: Perfectly fine skill, speed, endurance and effort-wise, shown the ability to succeed in both NHL and AHL play...and now very much in limbo because now there are just that many quality players in the system right now and entering it as part of the 2017-18 season, it leaves a lot of players hanging in the wind, and awaiting training camp.

Complicating matters is that Ryan Spooner’s contract has been agreed upon, and the team’s logjam at center once again rearing it’s ugly head. He’d have to earn the spot on a team that is inundated at his natural position and has anywhere from three to six players competing for a roster spot. The battle for Sean Kuraly, Boston Bruin is quite an uphill one.

For right now? Hope for solid 3rd line candidate, expect Providence top 6.