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World Junior Summer Showcase: Oskar Steen scores 4 goals in one game!

The sixth rounder making some waves for Tre Kronor!

The Summer is here and the primo hockey content is kind of thin, what with the only big news being whether or not David Pastrnak will end up signed here and mostly kvetching about what player “deserves” to have a good camp.

Thankfully the IIHF are willing to jump in and hand us the World Junior Summer Showcase! Basically the NBA’s summer league but with teenagers from hockey playing countries. And ho boy...did Sweden and Finland have a point to make tonight.

Both teams played like the building was on fire and they didn’t have another rink to go to, trading goals and wild saves like it was nothing.

And then one Oskar Steen decided to take the wheel.

It started with a net-front battle late in the first, allowing Steen to pot home a puck from point blank range off of a pass bouncing around in front:

Then two minutes in the second period, a crazy pass put Steen all alone in front of Finland’s goalie. He buried it top corner.

Two goals in one game is pretty good, but Finland was not about to let Sweden think they could just rest easy, climbing back into the game ever so slowly. The third period was where it all went bonkers, with Finland tying it up early...

...and Steen making sure it didn’t stick.

Now he’s got a hat trick! That’s pretty good considering these are considered the best and brightest of two vicious rivals!

But Steen WAS. NOT. DONE. He still had one last goal to get, and get one he did in series of incredible passes that left him with nothing but an empty net.

Sweden would end up winning this game by a score of 6-5, as befitting this Scandinavian rivalry: no bothering with winning pretty, just winning to make a point.

Oskar Steen had a pretty decent development camp, but if this is what Steen’s capable against players of his caliber, then he might be a little better than advertised. However, for the time being, he’s scheduled to continue play as a member of the SHL for Färjestad BK.

Here’s to another solid season and a solid rest of the summer showcase for all the Bruins prospects there!

And as an aside, a tremendous round of stick taps to Ryan Biech over at for having the foresight to .gif these games. You da real MVP, Ryan