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Bruins Prospects at the World Junior Summer Showcase

The summer tournament ended with the US riding high. How did the Bruins prospects end up performing?

The last gasp of fresh hockey before the new season starts, a week-long IIHF junior tournament, finished up on Saturday, with the United States winning the whole thing with a 7-5 result in the final in front of a pretty solid crowd in Plymouth, Michigan in their home barn. Congrats to them!

Here’s the highlights of the final if you couldn’t watch it yourself.

Now, there were a trio of Boston Bruins at the proceedings, so let’s take a look at the point totals and the performances of the players in Boston’s prospect system that participated!

Team USA: Trent Frederic (Team USA Blue squad)

Games Played: 3 Games Played

Point Totals: 1 Assists

Frederic played primarily on the third line as a defense-first player, taking key faceoffs during close/late games. His only point of the tournament came against Finland in USA-B’s 4-1 rout, giving Sasha Chmelevski an opportunity on the rebound.

He did indeed play on the final team and helped keep the pace against Canada in the finals, so kudos to him and the rest of his team!

Finland: Urho Vaakanainen

Games Played: 3 Games Played

Total points: N/A

Finland did not have a good tournament, being unable to hold leads and definitely struggling on the goaltending department. Vaakanainen was also in the same boat of having to deal with a Finland that was having a brutal time...and subsequently didn’t have a very impressive time, logging no points and not exactly having a stellar record otherwise.

Hopefully he’ll have himself a much better time once he enters camp.

Sweden: Oskar Steen

Games Played: 5

Total Points: 4 goals

Steen, through force of will or by sheer luck, took advantage of Finland having a bad tournament and ended up scoring 4 goals in one game to end up with the tournament high in goals.

No, I’m not kidding. Even Adam Fox’s absolutely bonkers campaign couldn’t unseat him.

So if nothing else, he got to be a star for a day and definitely showed plenty of the offensive flash/speed that could make him a real prize if he keeps working at this!

With that, that’ll probably be the last thing we get through that’s fresh that isn’t a contract signing.