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T25 u25 #14: Jérémy Lauzon is Charlie McAvoy with a Quebecois twist

The 2015 draft pick may not have the hype of McAvoy right now, but he can play a similar role for Boston.

Top 25 under 25 #14: Jérémy Lauzon

Where did he come from?: Drafted round 2, #52 overall, 2015

Age: 20

Has he played in the NHL yet?: No

Lauzon suffered a very slight drop in production in 16/17 in his final year with the QMJHL’s Rouyn-Nouranda Huskies, but took a step forward in development as he was entrusted with the captaincy of his team for his senior season. His draft year saw him hyped for his elite offensive ability from the blue-line, and whilst his goalscoring dropped in regular season play to continue the trend of the past two years, this is more indicative of a rounding-out of his game rather than a drop in ability.

His real breakout came at the World Junior Championships, where he was a key part of the Canadian blueline this year at both ends, but his key contribution came with this goal against the USA which showcases his vicious shot, speed of thought and quick release:

In this respect, he’s very much the Canadian version of one Charlie McAvoy - relied upon as one of their key offensive contributors from the blueline for both club and country, but capable in his own end, too, with good size at 6’3 and 205lbs. His speed and skill are an asset to any team, and this year he’ll have the opportunity to develop them further at the pro level in Providence.

What’s next for Jérémy Lauzon?

The potential luxury for the Bruins this season is that they have capable young defensemen almost bursting from the seams in Providence - with Lauzon, Jakob Zboril, Rob O’Gara and Matt Grzelcyk all fighting for icetime and to be noticed in the AHL this season there’s likely a callup for every occasion. Lauzon can expect top 4 time and probably special teams ice in the AHL this season to give him a chance to translate his skills to the pro level, and if the cards all fall perfectly and with a following wind he may see NHL time, too, particularly if Charlie McAvoy is unable to play for any reason. More than likely, though, he’ll be expected to become a key contributor in the AHL with the aim of making the jump to the NHL next season.