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Brad Marchand is in mid-season form on Twitter

The king of chirping isn’t showing any signs of rust.

NHL: Preseason-Philadelphia Flyers at Boston Bruins Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Brad Marchand seems like the kind of guy who could really roast you. I mean, not just make fun of you, but really cut you to your very core.

Something about his demeanor, that knowing smirk, would make it even more painful. You’d be able to tell that he knew he was killing you, and was enjoying it.

While most of his insults are reserved for opponents on the ice, civilians occasionally wander into Marchand’s web. He doesn’t hold back.

To wit: check out this poor sap who tried to test Marchand on Twitter.


It’s such a Marchand insult. First, he makes sure it’s established that he isn’t, in fact, a plug. That’s important.

Next, it’s time for the insult. It’s so obscure, so random, so out-of-left-field that it’s actually amazing. The best part is that while it’s a random insult, everyone knows exactly what he’s talking about.

It wasn’t just that the chirper looked like a pig; he looked like the specific pig from Charlotte’s Web.

Let this be a lesson to trolls on Twitter: when it comes to chirping, there’s no offseason for Brad Marchand.