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World Juniors Day 6 RECAP: USA plays a heater, Groups are decided.

Everyone who hadn’t played their final game did, and the even-number games were heaters.

Matt Zambonin/HHOF-IIHF Images

Game 1: Czech Republic cranks up the scoring again, win 6-3.

The Czechs mostly needed this game as a tune up for whoever would end up being in their quarterfinal game, and hey! A team that is mechanically sound but has some serious problems with offensive consistency seems like just like the team to go with!

Naturally, they used the 2nd and 3rd periods to just unload, burying Switzerland under an avalanche of 60 shots. Holy heck.

A Few Thoughts:

  1. Switzerland didn’t deserve this. They lost fair and square but you always have to be a little sorry for the poor sap who had to take 54 shots on goal. I hope they lower Wuthrich into a bath full of beer. Don’t worry, he’s Switzerland.
  2. Kristian Reichel with two yesterday for the Czechs. The Czechs got about 4 different players with goals, and 5 with 2 points a piece. They’re good at scoring.
  3. The Czechs play Finland in the Quarters. That’ll be a heater. Get ready for that on the 2nd if you have time!

Game 2: USA wins a tight matchup 5-4 against the Finns and Joona Koppanen keeps making me look like a damn fool.

C’mon, Joona. I said I was sorry.

But yeah, USA and Finland played an absolute classic. Tight, plenty of comebacks, but both sides played like they had something to prove, which largely meant “Gets to play Russia” as far as either side is concerned. It was well worth a watch if you DVR’d it.

A Few Thoughts and Bruins Prospect Updates:

  1. Bruins Prospect update starts first because 90% of them were in this game: In order! Joona Koppanen had yet another goal, and he played 13 minutes. Vaakanainen got 14 minutes, and was a rarity for most defenders in tonight’s game in that he was even in plus/minus, and had an assist on...You guessed it, Koppanen’s goal. On the US side, Trent Frederic played 8 minutes, but he managed to make it count by opening the scoring. Ryan Lindgren played 19 minutes and played pretty well, all things considered, definitely an improvement from...well, playing outside.
  2. Once again, Adam Fox saves the US in a close game. He’ll do the Flames pretty darn well once he gets to the NHL.
  3. Honestly I could watch Finland and the US play for the next three rounds and I would be perfectly fine. They compliment each other so dang well and it makes for brilliant hockey.
  4. Finland gets the Czechs, which as previously stated would be a heater, and USA gets Russia, which I’m sure will only bring sportsmanship and intelligent commentary.

Game 3: Slovakia depth charges Denmark 5-1, Denmark goes to Relegation.

Slovakia has had a miserable tourney with exception, getting their big win with the USA, but usually getting their clocks cleaned otherwise. It would be nice for them to get something after all the extra-curricular stuff with their federation (google it.) going on.

Thankfully, Denmark has been having a much worse one, and so these two teams came together to work out frustrations...and Slovakia just blasted Denmark apart, sending them to Relegation, and earning the Slovaks a ticket to the quarterfinals!

A Few Thoughts:

  1. Kasper Krog was on the wrong end of another 35+ shot night. It was impressive once, but now it’s just sad, Denmark is just trash in their own end right now.
  2. Roman Milos for the Slovaks turned it all the way up in this one. Just tore through Denmark’s blueline and backcheck like it was nothing.
  3. Nikolaj Krag and Joachim Blichfeld are the only players on Denmark to score this tournament. Not a great tournament at all. They will have to be one of the few positives the Danes have against the Belarusians in Relegation.
  4. Slovakia takes on Sweden in the Quarterfinals. Uhh...good luck with that, I guess. I do not expect them to do...uh...much of anything.

Game 4: Sweden plays a tight game against Russia, Swedes win in the shootout 4-3

This was yet another heater of a game where two sides who match up well brought each other to the limit. In the end, it was none other than Oskar Steen who would decide things for the Swedes, and set them on course to take on the Slovaks in the quarterfinals.

A Few Thoughts and Bruins Prospects update:

  1. The Swedes will be hard to beat if this is the closest contest they can get. They still dominated the Russians in most phases of this game.
  2. Klim Kostin’s still a pretty solid player. Gotta keep an eye on him.
  3. Bruins Prospect Update: Oskar Steen scored his first goal of the tournament and not a minute too soon, as he ended up with not one, but two shootout goals, though only one counted.

Bruins Prospect Round-up in Round Robin:

USA: Trent Frederic has 1 goal in 4 games. Ryan Lindgren didn’t get any points in 4 games, and Jeremy Swayman has yet to play.

Finland: Joona Koppanen led Leijonat in points, with 3 goals and 1 assist in 4 games. Urho Vaakanainen had 1 assist in 4 games.

Sweden: Oskar Steen had 2 points in 4 games.

Final Standings:

Group A:

  1. Canada
  2. USA
  3. Finland
  4. Slovakia

Group B:

  1. Sweden
  2. Czech Republic
  3. Russia
  4. Switzerland


  1. Belarus
  2. Denmark

Quarterfinals Matchups:

Canada plays Switzerland

Czech Republic plays Finland

Sweden plays Slovakia

United States plays Russia