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Fresh Links: Star Power

It is a Brad, Brad, Brad, Brad world, and the rest of us just live in it.

New York Rangers v Boston Bruins
Naughty OR nice, it is good to be Brad. (Brad Marchand)

Brad Marchand will be the only Bruin playing in the All-Star game.

  • Good news for the Bruins in the competitive and demanding Boston sports market- the boys are back, they are a balanced team of youth and veteran talent, and optimism reigns. Boston Globe
  • Bad news for the Bruins includes these five daunting issues awaiting their return to action. Boston Herald
  • Only one Bruin was named to the NHL All-Star game. Knock their socks off, Brad! Let the rest of the team fly under the radar. Chowder and Champions
  • And there were snubs, notably including Charlie McAvoy. Puck Daddy
  • Marchand is also one of the five players most likely to dominate the league in the second half of the season. The Hockey News
  • Ryan Spooner has hit is stride, albeit as David Krejci’s wing. So, will it be time to cut ties or re-sign? Causeway Crowd
  • From behind enemy lines, read this dossier on a likely Maple Leafs v. Bruins matchup in the playoffs. Note the defensive pair most open to be exploited, and the biggest surprise trend for the Bruins. Lots of numbers, here. Pension Plan Puppets
  • Tune into Ty Anderson’s new podcast, “Zero Pucks Given” to enjoy the premiere episode featuring Dale Arnold. This will scratch that itch to hear Bruins news during the bye week. Bonus- the automated transcript is full of hilarious errors. (Audio, 38:51) WEEI
  • Sportsnet has rolled out a new podcast with Jeff Marek and Eliotte Friedman, it is called “31 Thoughts.” Original, no? (Audio, 51:01) Sportsnet
  • The Maple Leafs fell to the Senators last night 4-3 in regulation, and still trail the Bruins in the Atlantic Division. NHL

Got plans?

  • Patrice Bergeron will host a ping pong tournament on February 15th, and you can play with a Bruin or a member of 98.5 The Sports Hub- tickets on sale NOW! Bruins NHL
  • Johnny Bucyk and Kevin Paul Dupont will speak ahead of a game watching party at the Bell in Hand in Boston on January 18th. Bonus- a prize of tickets will be gifted. @GlobeFluto
  • It will be the Bruins alumni v. the Flyers alumni promoting the new ECHL Maine Mariners in Portland on February 17th. HockeyBuzz

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • Well wishes to Pierre McGuire, who is recovering from surgery- or is that a “lower body injury?” In any case, screw cancer. CBS Sports
  • The Grapes of wrath? Did you know that Don Cherry is was the fifth AHL player to reach one notorious milestone? @1968NHLtweets
  • Revisit that story about Eddie Shore’s dogged effort to travel to a Bruins game in Montreal despite a raging blizzard. TVOvermind
  • Would it be the Silly Season without perennial candidate Evander Kane topping the list of trade targets? Here are the 20 biggest names available. TSN
  • This week’s power ranking theme names the nagging worry that dogs the heels of each team. ESPN
  • Thirty-One Thoughts closes with the mystery of a bottle of champagne still waiting for its intended celebration. Long may it sit. Sportsnet