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Why Charlie McAvoy will be an All-Star fill-in

Hedman is out, and the Bruins head man is in, or should be.

NHL: Boston Bruins at Los Angeles Kings Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Just the other day, we all got the bad news that Victor Hedman is injured and will be out for 3-6 weeks. You may also have noticed that that includes the All-Star game, which he was named to recently.

So they need another defenseman from the Flortheast division. And the answer is obvious: Charlie McAvoy! It’s a pretty obvious choice.

Charlie McAvoy, among the defenseman that are in the running for replacement defense, are a pretty decent bunch. For example, in counting stats, McAvoy doesn’t lead any categories:

  • Goals: Mikhael Sergachev has 8, Charlie has 5 (5th)
  • Assists: Morgan Reilly has 26, Charlie has 16 (5th)
  • Points: Morgan Reilly has 31, Charlie has 21 (5th)
  • Plus/Minus, which we know the committee still uses even though it’s obviously a garbage stat that’s only useful relative to team: Anton Stralman has +21, Charlie has +14 (4th)
  • PIM, if you’re picking a fantasy team I guess?: Kevan Miller has 54 (!), Charlie has 31 (5th)
  • TOI/g: Rasmus Ristolainen is averaging 26.17 minutes per game, which is doing Buffalo a lot of good. Charlie is averaging 22.9 (8th)

But are any of them as good all-around as McAvoy?

  • The only person who’s top-5 in any scoring category that is top-5 in plus/minus is Mikhael Sergachev, and Charlie has him beat there.

And let’s be real here for a minute: The Bruins are the second-best team in the standings right now. That they only one player is considered an all-star is a bit of a travesty. Plus, Charlie McAvoy is a good kid and it would be a fun trip for him.

I’m sure Raw Charge will argue that Sergachev should go, and PPP will argue that Reilly is deserving, and I’m just going to say we shouldn’t listen to those blue idiots anyways.

Have I made a good case? Who cares. Go Bruins.