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Watch: Torey Krug saves the game vs. Montreal with a huge save in overtime

Shuld the Broons traed Rask for use Krug????????

Boston Bruins v Montreal Canadiens Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images

The Boston Bruins beat the Montreal Canadiens 4-3 tonight at the Bell Centre, as Brad Marchand beat Carey Price in the shootout to give the B’s the win.

Before that, however, the Bruins got a huge save in overtime to keep the game alive.

The weird part? It wasn’t Tuukka Rask who made the save.

It was Torey Krug.

From Chris:

Gotta love the full desperation mode dive from Krug there. You can’t see it on that video, but another angle showed that Krug’s swipe is what kept the puck from crossing the line.

Krug himself ended up in the net, but the puck didn’t.


Great play from the defenseman.

EDIT (10:46 PM): The aforementioned other angle. YOWZA.