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Former Bruin Milan Lucic takes a skate to the neck in Las Vegas

Fortunately, the big winger is OK.

Edmonton Oilers v Vegas Golden Knights Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Every now and then, we get an incident that reminds us that hockey is, at its core, a bunch of big people flying around a slippery surface with razor blades strapped to their feet.

In last night’s Edmonton Oilers-Vegas Golden Knights game, former Bruin Milan Lucic got tangled up with a Vegas player and fell to the ice. That Vegas player then lost his balance and went down, his legs flying up in the process.

You can see here (bottom right) that the Vegas player’s leg comes up and catches Lucic up high; unfortunately, that “up high” was right in the neck.

Twitter: @ev_sporer

Lucic must have known the skate caught him, as he sat on the ice for a moment before getting off to seek attention.

The aftermath?


Fortunately, the skate appears to have just grazed Lucic’s neck and didn’t go deeply enough to cause major damage.

A scary moment for the big guy, but glad to see he’s OK.