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Boston honors Willie O’Ree tonight on the 60th Anniversary of his NHL Debut

The Bruins Legend and Pioneer busted the black color barrier those 60 years ago...

On January 18, 1958, Willie Eldon O’Ree made his NHL Debut against the Montreal Canadiens.

It was here, in that game, where history was made. The first black player in the NHL.

O’Ree’s career spanned 23 years of productive play across nearly every level imaginable, but he is most remembered for doing what he did here in Boston: play his game, regardless of what people thought of him.

Today, the Bruins and the City of Boston have honored and will continue to honor him throughout the day, as today was declared “Willie O’Ree Day” as decreed by Marty Walsh.

On top of that, Gary Bettman was in Boston today, and presented him with the framed official scoresheets of his debut game against the Habs...

A Street hockey rink in Allston named in his honor...

...And finally, the Bruins will be wearing a special patch to commemorate this occasion.

The Bruins won that game back in 1958 by a score of 3-0.

Maybe the B’s should honor him one more time with a similar score?

Regardless, happy Willie O’Ree day!