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Rene Rancourt to retire at the end of the season

Rancourt has been singing the National Anthem for the Bruins for almost 40 years.

So this is how it ends...

The Bruins just announced that one of the most enduring parts of any Bruins game, Rene Rancourt, the anthem singer, will retire after almost 40 years of singing the American and Canadian national anthems.

Rene has been the de facto anthem singer since he started in the ‘75-’76 season. Time has indeed given him a truly unique voice, combined with that operatic training and Maine upbringing. The B’s will honor him on April 8th, their final home game.

And hats off to him. 40 years singing one of the most unwieldy national anthems on planet earth and never once did he not do it with the same kind of enthusiasm he brought to every game. Even when the B’s weren’t great, or even good.

Now, we should all enjoy every anthem he sings for what it’s worth. Let’s make this season last.