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Charlie McAvoy had a procedure to correct an abnormal heart rhythm

A surprising and scary bit of news regarding the rookie.

Arizona Coyotes v Boston Bruins

Per the Boston Bruins media team, defenseman Charlie McAvoy had a procedure done to correct an abnormal heart rhythm, an issue that has apparently been lingering for a couple months.

From team doctor Dr. David Finn and the Bruins media team:

Following the Bruins game on November 26, 2017, Charlie told team physicians that he experienced heart palpitations during the game. Subsequently he underwent an evaluation, which diagnosed him with a supraventricular tachycardia (SVT). The type of SVT Charlie has is not considered to be dangerous to his health but can recur at any time and causes significant symptoms.

After consultation with team physicians, as well as experts in this type of heart condition, Charlie decided to have the condition treated with a procedure called an ablation. The decision to have the procedure done at this time is due to a high probability of recurrence. During the period from the initial occurrence through Saturday’s game, Charlie was cleared to play by the medical team and was monitored closely.

A scary thing for a young player to go through, and impressive that he kept playing with something that undoubtedly caused him significant anxiety.

Per the team, McAvoy is going to remain at Mass General Hospital overnight tonight to be monitored and is expected to miss two weeks.

Best wishes to the kid for a speedy recovery.

EDIT (9:32 PM): A note from a hockey reporter who has some perspective.