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Jakub Zboril scored his first professional goal on Friday

It took 40 games, but Jakub Zboril finally netted his first AHL goal on Friday.

Columbus Blue Jackets v Boston Bruins
Jakub Zboril
Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

It might have taken 40 games, but Jakub Zboril finally buried his first professional goal on Friday. The 20-year-old defenseman only had six assists before Friday night’s matchup against Hershey.

Seeing Zboril finally score his first goal is definitely a nice feeling, but putting up points isn’t something the Bruins were expecting him to do in his first season. Instead, the Bruins were hoping for Zboril to get accustomed to the pro game and learn the ropes of being an everyday AHLer (with the hopes of him becoming an everyday NHLer in the future, of course).

So far, Zboril has had a season one would expect from a rookie. He has no doubt matured as the season has gone on, but has also shown signs of indecision at times, which is something that every first-year pro experiences. Having said that, Zboril is still having a pretty good season for someone who is brand new to the pro game. He currently sits second among rookie defenseman with a plus-15 rating.

Zboril has worked hard this season and it’s nice to see him get the monkey off his back, even though offense isn’t really what the Bruins were hoping to get out of him this season. That is something that comes with time. But it’s still nice to see all his hard work pay off!