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World Juniors Semifinals: Nothing but Quality

Every single game here is, or at least has the potential to be, searing flames.

Andrea Cardin/HHOF-IIHF Images

I’m excited. This is probably the most fun you’ll have watching the World Juniors.

I mean, c’mon, you’re gonna be snowed in all damn day. Like you really have anything better to do.

Relegation Game 2: Belarus’ back against the wall. Noon EST

The Belarusians have to win in order to survive. If they do, they live another game.

They lose, it’s out of the Championship group and back into 1A, and they can’t come back to the world juniors unless they win a promotion.

The last game was nothing but Denmark surviving by the skin of their teeth, scalp and ass. They tied and led the game using nothing but the last minute of the game.

This one? This one gon’ be GOOD. Let this one warm you up if you’re tired from shoveling/snow-blowing/shoveling and snow-blowing.

Semifinal Game 1: Sweden vs. USA, 4pm EST

If ever there were two teams that could match up either so poorly or so well is up to who shows up. And even then, it may not matter.

In one corner: Sweden has easily handled everyone they’ve played. All their name talent? Fantastic. Their depth? So deep you can’t see the bottom, and helping them out in the clutch. They are easily the favorite of the tournament now that the Finns are out.

And in the other Corner: The USA. They like scoring, they barely defend, and their goaltending is all sorts of suspect. And yet...third period heroics have turned them into one of the single most dangerous teams in the entire tourney.

On top of this, this is basically the ultimate Bruins prospect game.

This. Game. Will. Be. Awesome.

You need to watch this.

Bruins Prospects in this game: Trent Frederic, Oskar Steen, Ryan Lindgren, Jeremy Swayman.

Semifinal Game 2: Canada vs. The Czech Republic, 8pm EST

This is another game that could be looking fantastic!

Canada’s time in this tourney has only one blemish: their outdoor game. Otherwise, they’ve demolished every team they’ve faced with the precision of a cannonball hitting a plate of jello at terminal velocity.

The Czechs are different in that they’re at the very least used to playing weird, one-score games. where both sides score a combined 12 goals. Their offensive talent is absolutely insane and can keep up with, if not the best, then at very least the most fun.

Two things happen here, either it’s close and it’s a 8-9 slugfest...or Canada just blows them up because of course they do.

Either way, it’s a nightcap, and if you still have cable, it’ll be well worth your time.