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Cody Franson is on waivers. Should the Bruins claim him?

Another warm body on the blue line, or pass?

NHL: Chicago Blackhawks at Calgary Flames Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier today, Elliotte Friedman broke the news that Cody Franson of the Chicago Blackhawks has been placed on waivers. The thirty-year-old vet should stir some attention around the league, including the Bruins. Here are three ways the Bruins can approach this.

Do Nothing

It’s no secret the Bruins have been hot as of late. Suffering from injuries early on, the Bruins are back to being healthy. They have four lines they feel they can roll and a top six that is playing as good as any. Uneccessary disturbance to this roster is probably unwelcomed, even if it improves the team on paper.

The Bruins also might not be ready to write off Adam McQuaid for the season. Currently he is on long-term injured reserved where his full $2.75 million cap hit is relieved. The organization probably feels McQuaid is their better option at the moment if they were to bring another right-handed defenseman onto their roster.

Pick Up Franson

After the Bruins send Bjork down to Providence, it opened up a roster spot. With that, the Bruins could pick up Franson without moving anyone on their current roster. They also have plenty of room for Franson as he has a remaining cap hit of $484k.

Over the last 3 seasons, Franson has put up a rel CF% of 4.9, rel GF% of 1.6, and an rel xGF% of 3.31. He doesn’t always play the toughest competition or the largest role, but he has been extremely effective in the role he has been given, and for a guy getting paid as little as he is, he provides a lot of value. Certainly, worthy of a look.

Trade for him after he clears waivers

This is a situation not many people think about when a guy goes on waivers. It is also probably the reason the system works as poorly as it does. If Franson clears waivers, he becomes more valuable. If the Bruins were to trade for Franson after clearing, he would not have to clear waivers for the Bruins to play him in the AHL. This means the Bruins could save their roster spot for later down the road.

A trade could involve just a mid-to-late round draft pick, or could even heighten to move bigger pieces like Vatrano who the Bruins seem to have given up on.

Why pick one of the last two options?

If the Bruins are looking to go for a Cup run this season, they need to make a splash at the deadline. There had been speculation the Bruins were interested in Ryan Nugent-Hopkins. Regardless, the Bruins are looking for a top-six forward, and that may mean giving up Carlo. Franson is a 6’5” right handed defenseman just like Carlo, and may be more effective at the moment. (You can read my breakdown of Carlo here) If they pick him up, it will be more serious, and Postma will be on his way out. If they trade for him, he is strictly a backup plan that could be moved again at the last minute of the trade deadline.