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Watch: David Pastrnak scores the 100th goal of his NHL career, then gets a hat trick

When I started this post, he only had two. HE CAN’T BE STOPPED.

Tampa Bay Lightning v Boston Bruins - Game Four

David Pastrnak’s second goal of the afternoon was a milestone for the Czech kid: it was the 100th goal of his young NHL career!

(Link if you can’t see the embed)

In GIF form:

Per Jack Edwards of NESN, Pastrnak is the third-fastest player in franchise history to reach 100 goals, beaten only by Dit Clapper and Barry Pederson.

Congrats to Pastrnak!

Annnnnnnd he got another one! As I pressed Preview for this post, Pastrnak scored again.

This gives Pastrnak his 99th, 100th and 101st NHL goals, and the last one gave the Bruins a 5-1 lead.

You can see all three here: