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Tonight is Zdeno Chara’s 900th NHL Game for the Bruins!

This image is older than some people who will watch this game. Feel the ravages of time across your skull.

Zdeno Chara #3

Zdeno Chara, captain of the B’s, will be taking the ice tonight as their first pairing defender once again. He will also be doing so for the 900th game of his career with the black and gold; one of only 6 Bruin players to play this many games for the Bruins.

Unsurprisingly, the vast majority of those players ended up wearing a C or an A in their extensive NHL Careers; like Wayne Cashman, Ray Bourque, Patrice Bergeron, and Johnny Bucyk. He also happens to work under another one of his contemporaries in the 900 games club; Don Sweeney!

Chara was a pickup from the Senators back in ‘06 due to the team being run by Eugene Melnyk and his insatiable need to save and acquire money (there was more to it than that, but most issues regarding the Sens tend to end with that), and almost immediately was inked to his first big money deal and given the captaincy, being only the third Slovak captain in NHL history, and eventually, the 2nd true-blue European born captain to win the Stanley Cup.

Because he’s 41, many outside-of-Boston (and some inside Boston) analysts have often wondered how long he can actually keep this up. But because Chara was probably an ex-soviet supersoldier experiment, there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of stopping this titan of the game from going for 1000, barring injury or regression which...seems to be somehow not happening fast enough for it to matter.

Happy 900 to Big Z, and let’s hope tonight’s contest is a win to put the cherry on top!