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UPDATE: Mark Borowiecki has a disciplinary hearing after concussing Urho Vaakanainen with an elbow to the face

A dirty play from a guy known to toe the line.

NHL: Ottawa Senators at Detroit Red Wings Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Update (10/24, 10:00 AM): Borowiecki will receive some discipline.

Never a shortage of “interesting” plays when the Bruins meet the Senators, eh?

In the first period of tonight’s game, defenseman Mark Borowiecki floored Bruins rookie Urho Vaakanainen with an elbow to the face.

Dirty, or a tough play? Judge for yourself:

Alternate angles, from Chris (@CrzyCanucklehed):

(If you’re on mobile and don’t see the highlight above, click here.)

I’m not sure how you defend that one, but people certainly will.

Sure, you need to protect your goalie. That’s all well and good. Generally, you protect your crease with a shove to the chest, a cross-check off the arms or a face wash. This went above and beyond that.

For those claiming it was inadvertent, Borowiecki looked up, saw Vaakanainen coming and raised his elbow:

Conor Ryan/NESN

Surprisingly (or not surprisingly, if you’re cynical), no penalty was called on the play.

Borowiecki has been suspended before, so it will be interesting to see if the league takes a look at it or not. It’s clearly a hit to the head, and it’s clear that Borowiecki meant to go high.

Vaakanainen appeared a bit dazed after the play. He left the ice but remained on the bench, and hasn’t played a shift in the second period as of the time of this post.

EDIT (9:19 PM): The Bruins issued an update on the kid, and it’s not good:

Hopefully the league deals with Borowiecki.