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Borowiecki only gets one game for purposely elbowing Urho Vaakanainen in the face

Ladies and gentlemen, the wheel of discipline has spun again!

Boston Bruins v Ottawa Senators - Game Two Photo by Jana Chytilova/Freestyle Photography/Getty Images

The NHL has issued its decision on Mark Borowiecki, and chances are you’re not going to like it.

Welp. A single game for a purposeful shot to a guy’s face. The NHL strikes again!

The video explaining the suspension actually manages to make the whole thing worse, as the league almost goes out of its way to make excuses for Borowiecki:

“The area around the net is the site of near-constant battles between offensive and defensive players. The posture and sudden movements by players attempting to create scoring chances often cause defenders’ sticks, arms or gloves to ride up accidentally and make contact with an opponent’s head.”

YIKES. The video also says that the league “accept[s] Borowiecki’s argument that he was not aiming for Vaakanainen’s head.”

Clearly he and I must have vastly different definitions of “aim,” as you can see Borowiecki look directly at Vaakanainen and rise his arm sufficiently to come up high.

Another disappointment from a league that delivers little more than lip service when it comes to dealing with head injuries.

Hopefully Vaakanainen is back to 100% soon.