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Bruins vs. Flyers 10/25/18 RECAP: Bruins shut out Philly in chippy 3-0 win!

First periods can be deceiving. Very deceiving.

NHL: Philadelphia Flyers at Boston Bruins Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

First Period:

I cannot stress how little anything happened in the opening frame of tonight’s contest. There were approximately 8 shots on goal, and none of them were dangerous at all. The most interesting thing that happened was maybe a power play or two but that was it.

It’s a good thing Hockey is a game that can change on a dime, because if this period set the stage for the rest of the contest? It’d be an absolute slog.

2nd Period:

Thankfully, things picked up after the first 20.

13 minutes into the period after some quality goaltending work by Jaroslav Halak, Zdeno Chara decided to put a cannon of a shot on that deflected off of a body and went right past Elliott, putting the Bruins up 1-0!

The bravery of the Flyers to face that shot is something to behold.

And it got even better! As Boston got on the power play by Philadelphia having too many men on the ice, and it didn’t take that long for David Krejci to thread the needle for Jake DeBrusk to put the Bruins up 2-0 on the power play!

Hell of a tip there by DeBrusk. Just a hell of a play.

The Bruins finished their period with the shots tied, but with a pretty solid lead! Surely the rest of this game would be nothing but the B’s eating clock, right?

Third Period:

Okay, so a lot happened, but it’s not entirely goal related.

In fact, almost none of it was. A good portion of it was the Flyers just getting ridiculously angry that they’d been getting stuffed on defense for most of the night and taking it out in the most Philadelphia way humanly possible; angry fist-chuckin’.

Scott Laughton and Steve Kampfer got into an insane period long feud involving several scrums and ending with both players getting kicked out towards the end of the game, a failed drawn trip by Jake DeBrusk who got his stick knocked out of his hands, several different scrums with pretty much every player involved in one or two, and several dumb Too Many Men penalties. At least, on one side anyway.

During one of these, the Flyers, now quite desperate and aggravated, pulled their goalie and Zdeno Chara put the dagger in Philadelphia with a long, long range shot from behind Jaroslav Halak, ensuring that Boston finished their night with a 3-0 Victory!

My favorite part about shots like this is the sound of the crowd recognizing it’s gonna go in. No other moment in sports like it.

Boston improves to 6-2-2 and for right now remains the only team in the NHL without a home loss!

Game Notes:

  • Jeremy Lauzon! He did pretty well, I think. I was most impressed with his ability to snuff out plays along the boards...and of course for batting a puck out of possibly doing something really stupid in or around Halak’s net. Kid might have a future in this league if he keeps it up.
  • The slow start could definitely be attributed to the B’s zone entries, which were sloppy or overthought by a bit. Once they’d calmed down and just started to carry in themselves, they did a little better.
  • This was one of the very few games this year where the Bruins first line did not factor into any goals tonight. The depth really came alive and matched the Flyers mostly shift-for-shift.
  • The third line? Actually did really well! The entire line stayed at or above 50% in CF% for once this year, and that is marked improvement given that they were usually getting filled as the season started.
  • Halak was lights out tonight. Just an absolutely phenomenal performance by him, even if he spent most of the first period not having to do much.
  • I don’t think many people appreciate just how good a situation in net Boston has with Rask and Halak starting to heat up like they have or have been. I hope they split this duty so finely they both end up with 41 games under their belt by season’s end.
  • The Flyers practically gave up on trying to score in the third. They had their chances, don’t get me wrong, but it became a lot of dump and chase and trying to goon it up with the B’s and that just did not go well for them at all.
  • Scott Laughton vs. Steve Kampfer will likely be headlining your local UFC event if this picks up where it left off next time the Flyers and Bruins meet. Those two couldn’t stand each other last night.
  • I was not aware Jake DeBrusk could be that petty. I always thought he was more of a “get the next goal, that’ll show ‘em” type but tonight the Flyers pushed him into actually doing something fairly unintelligent that somehow worked out in Boston’s favor.
  • Really, had that first period not been a cavalcade of nothing? Boston would’ve had a much higher goal count. Brian Elliot when he was tested was either a second behind the puck or flopping all over the place. Dude’s a mess.
  • I know it’s ten games in and all but TIED FOR FIRST IN THE ATLANTIC. LETS GET WILD.

Tomorrow, Boston plays the hated Habs at home. That game begins at 7pm sharp. See you there!