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Fresh Links: Skunked

Moving past an epic shellacking, the Bruins take on the Sabres tonight

NHL: Boston Bruins at Washington Capitals
This was just about the only fight the Bruins could muster. (Brad Marchand grapples with Lars Eller)
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Bruins visit the Sabres tonight in Buffalo on NESN at 7:00PM. Last night never happened.

  • The Capitals came to play, as did Jaroslav Halak. The rest of the Bruins? Not so much. Boston Globe
  • The party just kept rolling for Washington, after a summer of Stanley Cup celebrations. Boston Herald
  • Two goals in under two minutes of game action were followed by three more, prompting the hook for Tuukka Rask just under eight minutes into the second period. WEEI
  • Highly unusual was Patrice Bergeron being on ice for a quintet of the seven goals against, three of which were while he was on the penalty kill.
  • How? How could this have happened? Four good reasons. Yahoo Sports
  • A final (seventh) unanswered goal triggered Brad Marchand to fight a gloating Lars Eller. You might say that he got his licks in. NBC Sports
  • Cheer up for two reasons, one of which was the play of John Moore. HockeyBuzz
  • Anyway, on to Buffalo. The Sabres have a new captain. With all the mess last night, will Halak start for the Bruins as planned? Fox Sports

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • Tom Wilson has set a dubious new record with the NHL DOPS. Sportsnet
  • Here’s another fun fact (?) about the suspension. BarDown
  • It is that time of year- Don Cherry has just been summoned from his cryogenic slumber. NO, REALLY! The Beaverton