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Zdeno Chara left last night’s game early with ugly knee injury

This might be catastrophically bad.

NHL: Boston Bruins at Colorado Avalanche Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

This game took a direct hit to the groinal region when the Bruins lost their #1 defensemen in the 2nd period of tonight's contest.

The play was...not specifically hard to pin down, as the internet found it quickly.

And here it is. Not for the squeamish.


Well...Congrats to Jakub Zboril’s NHL debut, I guess.

To say that this is a huge blow to the Bruins is absolutely underselling it. Chara remains one of the biggest minute eaters of the B’s and still one of their best defenders, even at his age. Torey Krug and Matt Grzelcyk took on the most shifts since his absence, and as alright they did, the team as a whole got completely shelled by the Avs. What this means for their games against Dallas and Arizona prepared for anything.

Here’s hoping that whatever the diagnosis on that injury is, it’s not enough to take him out for longer than a few weeks at most, for if it isn’t...and at his age...well...

Let’s just all hope for a speedy recovery.