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Bruins unveil their jerseys for the 2019 Winter Classic

Going the throwback route again.

Boston Bruins

The Winter Classic is just weeks away, and the Bruins officially unveiled their jersey today.

All pictures come from the Bruins' Media Relations team.

I like them. They're retro without being obnoxiously so, and the white will look good with Chicago's black jerseys.

From the team, here's the story behind them:

"Paying homage to the Bruins’ 1930’s era uniform, the brown and gold uniform features heritage materials and striping. Highlighting the throwback look, the crest features the classic “B” logo from the team’s Home & Away jerseys, created with a two-layer felt application. To complete the theme, the player names and numbers feature two-layer felt materials."

"Additional design details include a list of the years that the team has won the Stanley Cup® Championship (1929, 1939, 1941, 1970, 1972, 2011). Each championship year has been set within a shamrock as a nod to Notre Dame Stadium and emblazoned onto the interior neck line."

Your thoughts?

UPDATE (10:20 AM):

Here's a video from the team that gives some more detail, including glimpses of the name and number stylings.