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Bruins confirm that Charlie McAvoy suffered a concussion

The mystery has come to an end.

Boston Bruins v Calgary Flames Photo by Derek Leung/Getty Images

The injury mystery is over!

During his media availability today, GM Don Sweeney confirmed what most people had expected: Charlie McAvoy did, in fact, suffer a concussion in the Bruins game out in Edmonton a couple of weeks back.

The disclosure ends a weird saga that saw the Bruins offer odd tidbits and "we don't knows" about McAvoy's status.

It's good that the Bruins were clearly cautious about handling the injury, but troubling that two good, young defensemen suffered concussions in recent weeks (Urho Vaakanainen being the other).

The good news is that McAvoy is progressing, as made clear by his skating this morning.

Hopefully the kid is healthy and back to 100% soon.