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2019 World Juniors Day 2 Recap: Denmark’s suffering continues, Sweden bowls over Slovakia, Switzerland keeps it close but can’t beat Canada, and Finland buries Kazakhstan

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Day 2 at the World Juniors featured a pair of shutouts and a few games closer than anyone would care to admit

Matt Zambonin/HHOF-IIHF Images

Game 1: Russia blanks Denmark entirely to the tune of 4-0

Considering the absolutely gruesome game Denmark had inflicted upon them against Canada, I would consider this game a very strong step in the right direction for the Danes.

Of course, Russia cleaned house in transition and just crushed them with the onslaught of their talent, so there’s still some work to do.

Game Notes:

  • What will be lost in this game is that Denmark actually outshot Russia in this game. Not by much, but it will still go down in history as a game Denmark got their opportunities in.
  • ...Of course, part of the reason why is that Russia ended up with 26 penalty minutes over the course of the game, and the Red Machine barely played any more than a few minutes at 5-on-5 at any point during each period. Their defense was pretty porous as well, but it didn’t really matter by the end of it. Denmark is in for a long, long tournament
  • Bruins Prospect Update: Pavel Shen had a tip-in goal that bounced past Denmark’s goalie in the third period! He clocked in at 15:44 TOI by the end of the game.

Game 2: Sweden overwhelms Slovakia in a 5-2 victory

Sweden and Slovakia had a pretty solid first period where it ended 2-1...but then Sweden just kept piling it on until there wasn’t much else to do other than win. Tre Kronor walked away with this one in spite of a myriad of penalties.

Oh yeah, and own-goalling themselves. That was kinda dumb.

Game Notes:

  • While figuring out what might make your team better is always a commendable idea, there’s something negative to be said for deciding to go with your backup goaltender when Hlavaj was doing just fine in spite of the previous game’s results. The first and third goals were rough.
  • Really, both team’s first goals of the night were ones both goaltenders could use as a moment of teaching. Neither were particularly well-scouted.
  • The Own-Goal was ridiculous, but at the very least I think I understand the point behind what Sveningsson was doing; he had a man forechecking him and he wanted to get the puck around the goal and it just...went in instead. How could he have known?
  • Many teams would have crippled themselves getting an own-goal. Sweden was so good at exploiting the Slovakian defense that it barely registered. How good is that?

Game 3: Switzerland plays as tight a game as you’ll ever see a non-traditional WJC power play the Canadians, Canada wins 3-2

It was a close contest until it wasn’ the second period.

But still, the Swiss gave Canada some scares, and isn’t that what this whole tournament is all about?

Game Notes:

  • All marks to Christian Wohlwend. He knew he was walking his players into a lion’s den last night and all things considered, the Swiss were ready to go even if they were getting outshot to hell and back. They got some sequences together that made the red, white and black actually play back on their heels a little bit and that’s pretty impressive.
  • Canada is Canada. Not much needs to be said here as Cody Glass looks like a player Vegas was smart to hang onto and Dobson will make Islanders fans very happy.
  • Mackenzie Entwhistle is still not a real name.
  • Bruins Prospect Update: Jack Studnicka got a plus for being on the ice for Mackenzie McGoofyname’s goal, but didn’t register much else afterwards. He played 10:26 for Canada.

Game 4: Finland drops 50 shots on goal on Kazakhstan and wins 5-0

Everyone was aware who was winning this game by the beginning of it, we just didn’t know how.

Well, we definitely knew who’d be the hero by the end of it all; Kazakhstan’s brave goaltender who finished with a .910 SV% in spite of 5 goals against. The crowd loved the Kazakhs for not wearing Nike’s templated garbage that I made such a fuss about during Olympics coverage. And what’s more, they loved that David Yermeyev never quit or gave up. What a night for a team that won hearts, even if they didn’t win on the scoreboard.

Game Notes:

  • Kazakhstan’s doomed. But they’ll look good doing it and even in a loss like this they’ve managed to make some fans enjoy their presence.
  • Again, David Yermeyev is a goddamn hero for finishing this game in spite of all the punishment he took from the Finnish team.
  • Hey, when the Finns aren’t taking a million penalties, they end up being pretty good! How ‘bout that?
  • Bruins Prospect Update: Urho Vaakanainen had another 20 minute night! He had 3 shots, but not much else.

Today’s Games:

Czech Republic vs. Russia - 8pm EST

Bruins Prospects in this game: Jakub Lauko and Daniel Bukac (CZE), Pavel Shen (RUS)

USA vs. Kazakhstan - 10:30pm EST

Bruins Prospects in this game: Kyle Keyser (USA)

Recommendations: Pour some coffee and watch both. You can throw the tree out whenever.