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2019 World Juniors Day 3 Recap: Russia wins shorthanded, and the USA one-ups Finland’s SOG count in a blowout win.

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The Russians didn’t bother with that whole “Even-Strength” thing, and we found out the real reason Kazakhstan is at this tournament.

Matt Zambonin/HHOF-IIHF Images

Game 1: Russia doesn’t score an even-strength goal all game, wins 2-1 anyway.

One of the magic parts of the World Juniors is the fact that you can pull wins out of nowhere because the game of every player at this tournament is, by it’s very nature, quite incomplete. The coaches prepare for this and try to make a system that works for the guys they bring to the dance, but quirks in the system can make or break a team.

Like...say...Letting two short-handed goals completely sink your game against Russia and then spend the entire third trying to make up for it? That seems about right.

Game Notes:

  • It should be noted that while Russia did capitalize on some truly Boston Bruins level puck security on the power play, the Czechs had a particularly miserable 1st and 2nd period where they got dominated in most phases in the game.
  • Curiously, both sides were pretty rough on the power play, and arguably the Russians were worse because while they didn’t let up a goal against, they still got utterly crushed back into their own end. In the same vein of curiosity, there’s
  • The final 5 minutes of this game were nothing short of pure cocaine as the Czechs threw everything they had at Russia but to no avail. It was fantastic hockey.
  • Bruins Prospect Update: Pavel Shen was the primary assister on Kovalenko’s goal, he’s now got a goal and an assist in 2 games. He finished with 19:53 TOI. Bukac and Lauko meanwhile didn’t do much of consequence. The way the Czechs were playing forced Lauko into less than 12 minutes of TOI, and Bukac had 19 minutes.

Game 2: The USA drops 66 shots on Kazakhstan in 8-2 blowout

I’ve figured it out. I couldn’t believe I didn’t see it before.

Kazakhstan is here to help some lucky team break a world record in shots on goal.

Think about it! There’s not much chance now that the Kazakhs stick around, but they want to be remembered. And frankly? I’m all for it. Why not use this opportunity to end up in the record books in however way you can. I hope they do it.

Anyway here’s the USA dumping 8 goals on Kazakhstan:

Game Notes:

  • Cayden Primeau gave up two goals to Kazakhstan. I’m letting that sit in the aether like a bad fart for everyone to think about. Especially Habs and Northeastern fans. Stew on this.
  • Jason Robertson basically express delivered Mike Farabee his hat trick. Dude helped create half the goals the US scored. Good thing he’s going to an offensively bereft team like the...Dallas Stars. Welp.
  • Your heroes of the game for the underdogs were their goalscorers, who impressed me by actually showing a lot of fight to their games and taking advantage of the USA’s lackluster backcheck.
  • Bruins Prospect Update: Kyle Keyser didn’t play this game. Since he didn’t give up any goals to Kazakhstan, I choose to consider that a smashing success of a game.

Today’s Games:

  • Denmark vs. Switzerland - 4pm
  • Finland vs. Slovakia - 6:30pm

Bruins Prospects in this game: Urho Vaakanainen (FIN)

  • Czech Republic vs. Canada - 8pm

Bruins Prospects in this game: Daniel Bukac and Jakub Lauko (CZE), Jack Studnicka (CAN)

  • USA vs. Sweden - 10:30pm

Bruins Prospects in this game: Kyle Keyser (USA)

Recommendation: Probably start watching around 8, keep an eye on the Finland game, but I can’t imagine that’s gonna be super entertaining.