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Jack Studnicka named to Canada’s 2019 WJC Camp

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The prolific prospect now gets a chance to represent his country at the world juniors

Terry Wilson/OHL Images

Ah the world juniors. The greatest time of the year where we see the future of the game unfold before our eyes, get red and mad and nude online because of things teenagers do, and gives me a chance to do a month’s worth of content in about a week us all the magic and wonder of an international tourney. And Canada’s already putting out the word to get some lads going to their camp, including one Jack Studnicka of Oshawa Generals and also of being a prospect for the Bruins fame:

Obviously, Canada has a deep pool to pull from, and the names on their roster are good. He’s going to have an uphill battle trying to compete with the who’s who assembled so far:

TSN’s Twitter

Regardless, we wish him all the luck in the world and we hope to see him in Canadian Red and Black (yeah I don’t get it either) very soon!