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2019 World Juniors Day 4 Recap: Denmark’s looking pretty doomed, Finland tears through Slovakia, Canada takes care of the Czechs, and the US tries to make the last 20 minutes of the game erase all the other parts.

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The Bruins prospects had eventful games, win or loss.

Minas Panagiotakis/HHOF-IIHF Ima

Game 1: Denmark’s fucking doomed. Loses 4-0

I sincerely don’t know how to say this in any other way. Denmark is probably getting relegated and unless they pull off a win and I don’t even think they can do that while they are the way they are.

Game Notes:

  • Good on Switzerland’s Philip Kurashev for getting the hat trick. The Swiss tore the Danes a new one.
  • If Denmark manages to pull off a win over the Czechs, it’ll be a miracle. They’ve yet to score in this tournament and frankly I don’t think they’re ever going to end up doing so. And this game was one of Denmark’s best in terms of SOG.
  • But still, good day for the Swiss to do things and clean up as well as they did.

Game 2: Finland runs through Slovakia to the tune of 5-1

This shouldn’t come as a surprise of you, but while the Slovaks have managed to make the USA look pretty mortal and does have some quality players, they have run into the uncomfortable fact that their schedule ran them through the scandinavian processor of Finland and Sweden.

Game Notes:

  • Both sides had plenty of penalties, but it was Finland who was able to make it count the most. After a certain point they just hemmed the Slovaks in and let the system
  • Vaakanainen’s pass to get Virtanen his goal was not of this earth. He managed to get that pass off even with a player right on him. What a player. Miss you, kid!
  • Bruins Prospect Update: Vaakanainen got an assist that I discussed briefly, and he played 21 minutes for Leijonat.

Game 3: Canada reminds the Czech Republic they should’ve picked up their defense at the airport in the most 5-1 way humanly possible.

If anybody can beat Canada, I’m not sure I’ve seen them so far. Or at least a complete effort that makes me think “Yeah they can do this.” The Czechs got tuned up and it wasn’t close.

Game Notes:

  • International Dostal came back, here’s hoping that was just for one game because while the Canadians completely dominated the Czechs. He did not have a great night in net.
  • Maxime Comtois is going to be a terror when he gets to the NHL. Kid just can’t be stopped.
  • Mackenzie Entwistle is not a real name.
  • Bruins Prospect Update: Lauko and Bukac were on the receiving end of a pretty brutal L, neither notched a point in this one sided asskicking. Jack Studnicka meanwhile, picked up an assist on Alexis Lafreniere’s goal!

Game 4: USA can’t complete the heroics and lose 5-4 in OT


The USA has a problem. They spend most of any game against serious competition looking sloppy, disinterested, and often leave their goalie out to dry by making silly mental mistakes. This will work for about say...40 minutes.

And then the third period comes, and their problems magically melt away. They look like the team they are on paper and can do all sorts of crazy things. Like getting Ryan Poehling a hat trick just to prove that you can.

The difference in this game is that Sweden buckled down and capitalized on one of the US’ many mistakes, and walked away the victor.

Game Notes:

  • All of the US’ goals were scored in the final 20 minutes. That is absurd.
  • Erik Brannstrom is going to be a monster when he suits up. I really can’t overstate this.
  • I cannot fathom how much space and time the Swedes gave Ryan Poehling. Three times. How did you mess that up!?
  • Bruins Prospect Update: Kyle Keyser absorbs this loss, that trust me...he looked way better than the .848 SV% he pitched says he was. He was honestly the reason it wasn’t like 7-0 by the 2nd.

Upcoming Games:

  • Switzerland vs. Russia - 8pm EST

Bruins Prospects in this game: Pavel Shen (RUS)

  • Kazakhstan vs. Slovakia - 10:30pm EST

I don’t recommend either of these games but I will watch the Russia game just to see how Pavel Shen did.