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2019 World Juniors Day 5 Recap: The Swiss keep it close until it’s not, Kazakhs are tuned up by Slovakia.

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Only one prospect played for the B’s today, but man were there some events happening.

Matt Zambonin/HHOF-IIHF Images

Game 1: Swiss keep it so close until the third period and then the wheels fall off, Russia wins 7-4

I just don’t know what happened.

The Russians were down, they were taking as well as giving as much as anyone but the Swiss seemed to have this game on lock down...

...And then the second period happened, and then the third period happened. In the second it was slightly more defensible as the Russians just blasted Akira Schmid with shot after shot, but the third? Things just went so far off the rails.

Game Notes:

  • The Swiss got destroyed in the 2nd period, but it was mistakes in the third that buried them for good. Plenty of dumb miscues and frankly? lesser goaltending. Schmid might’ve been the wrong choice for this game.
  • All credit to the Russians though. They got down early, but they did not stop fighting until they were very, very much on top. It’s gonna be hard to say how they’ll handle teams that aren’t so forgiving in their goaltending.
  • Bruins Prospect Update: Pavel Shen scored in garbage time to make it 6-4! He played 13:04 minutes tonight for the Russians, and has been low-key one of their better contributors on the forecheck.

Game 2: Slovakia forgets about the whole “breaking a SOG record” thing and decides to just bury Kazakhstan 11-2

I’m not calling this a worse beatdown than the one Denmark took because, and this is important:

At least Kazakhstan is scoring goals.

...Should make their eventual meeting in the Relegation round really fun.

Game Notes:

  • Like every game the Kazakhs have played this year, it was over by period 1, but everyone was rooting for them to go beyond and maybe make it a game. It didn’t happen, but these little underdogs are getting people to like them through sheer “you’re trying”ness.
  • Big congrats to Slovakia’s Andrej Kollar who got a hat trick during this game, and good on Marcel Dlugos and Adam Ruzicka for helping Slovakia tear through this game like it was nothing.

Today’s Games:

  • Denmark vs. Czech Republic - 4pm

Bruins Prospects in this game: Jakub Lauko and Daniel Bukac (CZE)

  • Sweden vs. Kazakhstan - 6:30pm
  • Russia vs. Canada - 8pm

Bruins Prospects in this game: Pavel Shen (RUS), Jack Studnicka (CAN)

  • United States vs. Finland - 10:30pm

Bruins Prospects in this game: Urho Vaakanainen (FIN), Kyle Keyser (USA)

Recommendations: Watch the Czechs if you’re a morbid creepazoid who likes watching the Danes get murdered, and then take a game off and watch the later ones.

We’ll pick this back up in the new year, so Happy 2019 and we’ll be onto the Quarters and the Relegation games!