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Winter Classic: Weather Report

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Keeping an eye to the sky

NHL: Boston Bruins at Buffalo Sabres Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

Tomorrow afternoon will be the only game this season in which the weather will affect the Bruins on-ice performance. Unfortunately, it’s a hard thing to prepare for. Even a few hours out, predicting the weather can be difficult.


Source Time Temperature (F) Wind (MPH) Chance of Precipitation
Source Time Temperature (F) Wind (MPH) Chance of Precipitation 1:00 PM 32 11 5% 2:00 PM 32 11 5% 3:00 PM 32 10 5% 4:00 PM 31 9 5% 1:00 PM 33 12 2% 2:00 PM 33 12 2% 3:00 PM 32 10 2% 4:00 PM 31 10 2% 1:00 PM 32 11 3% 2:00 PM 32 11 5% 3:00 PM 31 10 4% 4:00 PM 31 9 5%
Average N/A 31.83 10.50 3.75%

As of right now, it looks as though we will see temperatures around freezing for the entire game. Cloudy skies are also expected. Therefore, the ice conditions should be up to the standard of any NHL game.

While the wind should drop off slightly by the end of the game, 10+ mph winds could certainly have an effect. The stadium is aligned north to south. This is important as the wind is expected to blow north to north west. As we’ve seen in the past, teams will switch sides after the halfway mark in the third period.

Luckily, it looks like the weather will not affect the overall play, allowing each team’s stars to shine on one of the biggest stages in hockey.