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Recap: Boston allegedly attends game they lost 5-0

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At least it wasn’t 7-0.

NHL: Boston Bruins at Florida Panthers Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Entire Game:

Sucked. Every waking second of it. There was barely any point in which Boston could not both get out of their own way and also attempt to get anything meaningful going in front of the Panthers goaltender.

Here are the lowlights of a miserable, miserable game.

First Period:

Believe it or not, things wouldn’t get bad here.

Second Period, where things got bad.:


Third Period:


What a shitshow.

Game Notes:

  • Sparse night at the BB&T Center in the stands...but not on the ice. Say what you will of Florida’s fortunes this season and last, they have a top six that can play.
  • Make no mistake. Depth screwed this team big time and then team defense made sure the dirt over themselves was packed down tight. After goal one, there seemed to be urgency in their play for about...eight seconds at the max. The rest of the time were halfhearted shots where it was pretty clear the Bruins were just trying to get something, anything past Luongo, but nothing was going. No line could say they generated truly dangerous shots on goal and no line could be proud of the effort of getting hemmed into their own end on nearly every play. It was just pathetic. “Boys amongst Men” was the phrase Bruce Cassidy used, and he was right.
  • In the “Damn with faint praise” department, John Moore had a pretty good game! 5 shots on goal, which led the team. Closest behind him was David Pastrnak, Danton Heinen and Brad Marchand who had 4. Together, all four of these players made up roughly 50% of all shots the Bruins took. NOT GREAT!
  • Ryan Donato had a miserable game in which he was blown past twice for goals against. And on the first goal he did nothing but poke impotently at the puck from behind the net. Peter Cehlarik must’ve said something very unkind to Bruce Cassidy to be repeatedly passed up for opportunities to play only for shit like this to happen.
  • Krug had a bad day too. Got burned twice and didn’t make up for it much in shots going the other way.
  • I’d probably be more concerned with how Halak did if the Bruins were actually planning on playing tonight instead of...y’know, sitting there and basically drifting through.
  • And just to top all this off, the Bruins get to play the Tampa Bay Lightning on Thursday in their home barn! The team that just got tired of allowing Detroit do things and won in the shootout! They’re not gonna be as nice as the Panthers were tonight! Something’s gotta change!
  • Get well soon, Charlie/Urho/Patrice/Chara/Kevan! It cannot be overstated how much the B’s need you!

The B’s play the Lightning at 7:30pm on Thursday.

I need a drink.