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Kyle Keyser named to USA’s 2019 WJC Camp

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A Bruins goalie prospect might be representing the Red, White and Blue at the World Juniors!

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The Team USA World Juniors camp roster just dropped, and a Bruins prospect will be there! Namely, the lights-out goaltender for the Oshawa Generals: Kyle Keyser!

The goalie race for the US is tight this year. Keyser’s near the top of the OHL in SV% and pretty much every other OHL statistical category for goaltenders, Spencer Knight’s been pretty good for the US Development team, and Cayden Primeau remains Northeastern’s best friend in net. But...if we’re giving out spots on the World Junior stage based on performance? It’s gonna be hard to knock Keyser off.

Of course, last year they just said “screw it” and brought three goalies to Buffalo anyway, so maybe the US just airs on the side of caution again.

Regardless, Good luck to Kyle as he fights for a spot on the US team!