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Zach Hyman hits Charlie McAvoy high and late

A garbage hit that should result in a suspension.

Boston Bruins v Edmonton Oilers Photo by Codie McLachlan/Getty Images

With the Bruins up by a handful of goals in the third period, Zach Hyman decided it was time to take a cheap shot at Charlie McAvoy.

Matt Grzelcyk would fight Hyman after, and somehow, the teams ended up 5v5 after all was said and done.

McAvoy remained on a knee for a while after the hit, and eventually skated off on his own.

Remember, this is just his second game back after missing nearly two months due to a concussion.

A cheap hit from a guy who was looking to injure, and one that should result in a suspension.

The Bruins are up 6-3 late in the third.

UPDATE (10:00 PM): McAvoy returned to the bench in the game's final seconds. He didn't play, but skated on the ice during the Three Stars.

UPDATE 2 (10:19 PM):