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Beanpot Tournament Finals PREVIEW

A dogfight for the bragging rights. Nothing gets better than this.

Northeastern v Boston University Photo by Richard T Gagnon/Getty Images

Just The Facts:

The Time: 7:30pm EST

The Place: TD Garden

The Teams: Hockey East’s Northeastern University Huskies vs. Boston University Terriers

Place To Watch: NESN

Place To Listen: Check here for local listings


Northeastern in the Beanpot has long suffered. For three decades they’ve come up short or have been straight up bludgeoned in this tourney. The 2017-18 Huskies are determined to break this streak in half, and if there’s one team that can, this is absolutely the one that can do it, as they have one of the best goaltenders in the conference in Cayden Primeau, some of the better scorers, are coached well enough that there are long stretches during periods where they always have the puck, and are in general looking like a team that absolutely deserves to be here and also be champions, especially after shutting out Boston College 3-0 last week to earn their spot:

In their way? Boston University, the Beanpot titans, whose name holds the most space on the trophy, and whose usually a shoe-in for finalist if not outright winner. This year’s iteration of the Terriers showed why they deserve to be here after playing an instant classic game against Harvard where it took almost 2 overtimes just to settle things, but Ty Amonte found a way to bring the Terriers to the final:

It’s a classic matchup that’s happened all sorts of times over the years, but this one feels especially fun. One side loves dominating their opponents with lengthy offensive shifts, the other loves winning by the seat of their pants and won’t quit regardless of whether or not they should have a chance. One side is trying to break a 30 year streak, the other is trying to re-establish their dominance.

All to get their school’s name hung up in the Garden, and their jersey immortalized on the concourse...

Oh yeah, and their names etched in metal on that wonderful little trophy.

Getty Images

Also there’s a consolation game against Harvard and BC on at 4:30pm EST on NESN but who cares you’re here for winners, right?

Good luck to both sides!