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Bruins vs. Flames 2/19/18 RECAP: Rask stands tall, Marchand scores in OT to win 2-1 over Calgary!

Boston gets 2 points in a big way in overtime on the backs of a fantastic hustle and the saves of Tuukka Rask

NHL: Boston Bruins at Calgary Flames Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

First Period:

Boston would spend the first few minutes of this period worryingly allowing Calgary to get zone time, but nothing would come of it. Then, it was as if a switch was flipped, and the Bruins became the Bruins again! Dominating chances, completely stifling the Flames ability to move around the offensive zone, and the first line finally got what they’ve been looking for: a goal.

Delivered by one David Pastrnak who took advantage of a well-placed Patrice Bergeron stick check. 1-0 Bruins!

Like, what can you possibly do when this line is on it’s A-Game? I mean, what do you even do if they’re on their B-Game? Nothing, apparently.

The first period ended with no further goals, but Boston dominated Calgary to the point where they only had 4 confirmed shots on goal and I’m like 60% sure they had to double-check the footage to make sure they had 4.

Second Period:

Simply put? Boston still dominated, but Calgary put up a fight. They tightened up defensively and actually started to get some more shots on net. They even sent Garnet Hathaway to break Rule #1 of playing the Boston Bruins; DON’T FIGHT BOSTON’S DEFENSE.


Of course, while it didn’t improve their 5-on-5 play, the Flames did punch back with a power play opportunity. A net-man scramble occured during the man-disadvantage, Chara lost the puck in his skates, and Matthew Tkachuk slammed home the puck to tie things up at 1-1 everybody.

Brickley on the broadcast didn’t like the call that created this goal in the first place and while I agree it was somewhat of a soft call, the reality is slashing is one of those things the refs are instructed to come down on and they’re gonna call it even if it isn’t “that much” of a slash. Oh well, what can you do.

No further goals, and we went to the third period.

Third Period:

We don’t talk about Tuukka Rask doing things to keep Boston in games when we really should. In fact, let’s talk about that!t’s talk about that!

For long stretches of the third, Calgary came out flying. Getting shots, pucks, and chances all over the B’s defensive zone and Rask was there for all of them, stopping them cold. They’d get a good bounce that ended up becoming a great breakaway, but David Rittich decided he wanted to be just as stingy as Rask, and became annoyingly good at stopping primo chances and the Bruins became annoyingly difficult with their shooting.For long ste

Nothing was solved, things went to Overtime.


Tuukka Rask stood on his head. Boston is clearly still trying to find a balance at 3-on-3 and he just shut everything down. Calgary had all sorts of chances and Rask didn’t care. Everything was a save.

And then Riley Nash blocked a puck and sent it to Brad Marchand, and the rest, as they history. Go check out that goal over here.

Bruins win 2-1!

Game Notes:

  • Your leaders in possession tonight were: David Krejci, Matt Grzelcyk, Danton Heinen, David Backes, and Ryan Spooner. You can check stuff like that over here
  • Rask had a .966 SV%, and he definitely earned that number, and every cent of his contract tonight in the third and especially in overtime. No need for flash, no need for panic, absolutely cold-blooded work in net tonight.
  • Jake DeBrusk spent the entire game trying his damnedest to get a point of any kind. He’s gonna get something sooner or later, and keep an eye on him.
  • No words to describe the Bergeron line as per usual. You can only use the phrase “they are good at hockey” over and over until you yourself almost get bored of it. And you shouldn’t, because these guys are difference makers.
  • MUCH better performance in front of Rask by the blueliners. Rask was good, but the defensemen played like they should’ve been. Everyone seemed to respond appropriately from the tough practice from yesterday.

Bruins are back in action tomorrow night against the Oilers @ 9pm. See you there!