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Bruins Prospect Ryan Donato scores twice, gets elbowed in the head in Olympic Quarterfinals

He’s doing great in the international contests, but he also had a real scary moment in this game.

Ice Hockey - Winter Olympics Day 8 Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Harvard man and College hockey standout Ryan Donato has been doing fantastic in the Olympics, and tonight he’s been just as good as ever, scoring a goal against Slovakia!

Check it out here:

But of course, the Slovaks couldn’t just make it an easy and fun time for the Americans, as Michal Cajkovsky decided to take a run at Donato and elbowed him in the head for his trouble.

Cajkovsky received a match penalty and would not return, as is the rules in international hockey. Donato would return.

It is currently 3-0 in the 2nd period, and the game is on NBCSN, if you’re still itching for some hockey.

EDIT (7:00 AM): Donato scored again in the USA's 5-1 win. He's got four goals in the tournament.