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Bruins to host six-city “Battle of the Badges” police and fire hockey tournament

Friendly competition? Ehhh... we'll see about that.

Pittsburgh Penguins v Boston Bruins Photo by Brian Babineau/NHLI via Getty Images

The Bruins sent along a pretty cool news release this morning: they’re partnering with the Boston Fire Hockey Club and Boston Police Hockey Club to host a six-city, twelve-team hockey tournament in Dorchester, Southie and Brighton this weekend.

The tournament features hockey teams comprised of fire and police personnel from Boston, New York City, Chicago, Detroit, Montreal and Toronto. Dubbed the “Battle of the Badges,” it kicked off this morning at 10 AM at Devine Rink in Dorchester, more commonly known as The Greatest Place on Earth®.

The teams will face each other throughout the weekend, both at Devine Rink in Dorchester and at Murphy Rink on Day Boulevard in Southie, with a championship game being played at Warrior Ice Arena in Brighton on Sunday at 11 AM.

All in all, a pretty cool event, bringing first responders from US and Canada together to play what will end up being some spirited hockey games. Sure, they’re supposed to be “fun,” but there usually end up being scraps at these games.

Here’s a list of the teams participating and an initial schedule.

Feb. 2 - Devine Rink, Dorchester, MA

10 AM: Toronto Police vs. MA State Police

11 AM: Boston Police vs. Detroit Police

Noon: MA State Police vs. Chicago Police

1 PM: Detroit Police vs. Toronto Police

2 PM: Boston Police vs. Chicago Police

Feb. 2 - Murphy Rink, South Boston, MA

11 AM: Boston Fire vs. Toronto Fire

Noon: FDNY vs. Detroit Fire

1 PM: Boston Fire vs. Montreal Fire

2 PM: Toronto Fire vs. Detroit Fire

3 PM: FDNY vs. Montreal Fire

Feb. 3 - Murphy Rink, South Boston, MA

11 AM: Chicago Police vs. Detroit Police

Noon: Boston Fire vs. Detroit Fire

1 PM: MA State Police vs. Montreal Fire

2 PM: FDNY vs. Toronto Fire

3 PM: Toronto Police vs. Boston Police

As stated above, the championship game will be played on Sunday, with the participants being the police and fire teams that allowed the fewest goals over the course of the previous games.

Pretty cool that tomorrow, Boston Police will play Toronto Police at 3 PM, then the Bruins host the Leafs at 7 PM.

Here’s to a Boston sweep...